Ricky Kim Reveals Handsome Photos from His Youth

Model and actor Ricky Kim took a look back at his teenage years on the latest episode of SBS’ “Oh My Baby.”

Being brought up in the United States, Ricky Kim had a difficult time controlling his feelings as he reminisced his time at his home country. His wife Ryu Seung Joo gave him a pat in the back and tried to cheer her husband up by preparing some comfort food for him.

After Ricky Kim told her that his favorite dishes include mashed potatoes and gravy, Ryu Seung Joo went to purchase the ingredients needed to prepare the meal. 

It has been eight years since Ricky Kim came to Korea, and although he has settled there with his loving family, there are times when he misses his childhood home back in the States. After he shared his story, the producers revealed a series of photos from Ricky Kim’s youth, and they certainly prove that his handsome looks have been there from the beginning.

ricky kim