Park Myung Soo Receives Punishment from the Public for His Lax Behavior on

Park Myung Soo of “Infinity Challenge” apologized for his attitude and was beat with a club.

In the episode of “Infinity Challenge” that was broadcast on July 19, the last segment in the “Speed Racer Edition” shows Park Myung Soo going out to the street himself and receiving his beating from the citizens.

Park Myung Soo revealed the meaning behind his apology in the July 19 episode of “Infinity Challenge.” What lead to this incident was when Park Myung Soo showed up as one of Yoo Jae Suk’s supporters in the Korea Speed Festival, but turned in to go to sleep during the middle of the broadcast, incurring resentment from the viewers.

Park Myung Soo lay down and was beaten with a club in front of the citizens. Lastly, Park Myung Soo apologized and stated “I will work harder to create more laughs and more fun,” before deeply bowing in front of the citizens.

This was part of Infinity Challenge cast’s pledge during their election special, promising to keep working hard and diligently for the next ten years of the show and to receive punishment from the viewers if they did not stick to the pledge. The “punishment” was styled in olde Joseon era public beatings of criminals.



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