Reporters Choose Kim Woo Bin as Most Well-Mannered Actor

With his sharp and cold features, Kim Woo Bin is not easily the actor people think of when it comes to being friendly and well-mannered. But that is not the case, according to several reporters who participated in the “Sunday Section” of the MBC show, “Section TV Entertainment Relay.”

On the “Sunday Section” of the show broadcasted on July 20, the panel talked about the stars who act totally different from the way they look. The panelists weren’t able to help but bring up Kim Woo Bin’s name as the most respectful and well-mannered actor.

“Kim Woo Bin has always acted rebellious roles but in fact, he’s a really well-mannered actor,” said one panelist. She also cited that even even Kim Gura praised Kim Woo Bin’s well-mannered personality on his show, even showing off his polite text message.

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