Choiza’s Mother Talks About Her Son’s Habit of Losing Things on “The Human Condition”

Choiza, one of the Dynamic Duo members, appeared on the KBS 2TV show “The Human Condition” with his mother Seo Yae Sook on the episode that aired on July 19.

Th mother and son were taking with fellow show member Kim Joon Hyun. When Kim Joon Hyun asked his mother, “Is there a secret you want to reveal to the audience?” to which Choiza’s mother joyfully agreed to tell.

She said, “My boy is nice but he really can’t take care of himself. Ever since he was young he used to lose things a lot and when someone got hold of his money that was supposed to his academy fee, he wouldn’t notice. He needs to fix that habit as soon as possible.”

When Kim Joon Hyun heard that he loses things, he humorously answered, “So that’s why he loses his wallet as well.” Seeing the two of them talking, Choiza added, “I feel like I’m on a bed full of thorns.”

Choiza and his mom