After School’s Nana Cries on “Roommate” Following Cast’s Encouraging Words

After School‘s Nana cried following a group discussion that happened on the recent episode of “Roommate.”

On that day, after dinner, fellow roommate of the show Jo Se Ho said “I’m both thankful and feel sorry for Nana because she really is delightful around us but it is being misrepresented to the audience and they feel like she is being impolite to us.”

Shin Sung Woo added, “Nana acts as the energy for us. Nana is so energetic. You are Roommate’s flower.” Jo Se Ho then said, “It’s because I like you…”

Following their comments, Nana cried and said, “Thank you so much.” Shin Sung Woo and Jo Se Ho replied, “You are so cute and so precious. We’ll act as better brothers for you from now on.”

Nana pic