B.I Fails to Enter Round 4 of

YG Entertainment‘s trainee B.I failed to convince the judges of his rapping skills on the latest episode of “Show Me the Money.”

To determine the contestants that would enter the fourth round, the rookie rappers had to go face-to-face in thrilling duels. Being the two idol contestants from “Team B“, B.I and Bobby had received great attention from the viewers and fellow contestants alike, and the expectations were high for their battles.

Bobby went against Kim Sung Hee, and although both of them struggled with the lyrics, Bobby managed to receive the producers’ approval and entered the fourth round. 

When it was time for B.I to choose his opponent, he picked Jin Joon Hyun, who had previously mentioned the two idols in his lyrics. As B.I grabbed the mic and begun to perform, he froze after the first few verses and completely forgot the lyrics. The judges did not approve of B.I’s performance, and he failed to enter the next round.

B.I opened up about his thoughts backstage, “I can’t believe what happened. I can’t leave this place.” Upon hearing the news, fellow Team B member Bobby said, “I feel bad for him. He must be so embarrassed.”

In a previous episode, B.I mentioned that their CEO Yang Hyun Suk told them to pack their bags if they fail to win the show. Judges Tablo and Masta Wu, who are also under YG Entertainment, expressed their support for B.I regardless of the outcome, wondering, “He doesn’t actually have to pack his bags, right?” “I hope not.”

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