INFINITE is “Back” in a Dark Music Video!

INFINITE just doesn’t know when to stop! Fresh from their promotions for “Last Romeo,” the boys have unleashed the music video for their latest track, “Back.”

The boys take on a darker image as they become gangsters in the music video and get into a brawl to save leader Sunggyu’s little sister played by child actress, Kim Hyang Ki. “Back” was produced by Rphabet, who also produced one of INFINITE’s previous hit, “Destiny.”

“Back” is the title track of INFINITE’s repackaged album for “Season 2” which will be released on July 22. The group has already started promoting the song on music programs this week. While they are busy promoting, they are also getting ready for their “That Summer 2” concert next month. Don’t forget to check out the group’s fun teaser for their upcoming concert in case you missed it!