Singer and Actress Yoo Chae Young in Final Stage of Stomach Cancer

Singer and actress Yoo Chae Young is in a difficult battle with stomach cancer. 

Yoo Chae Young’s representative announced on July 22 that she is in the final stage of stomach cancer with great threat to her life.

Yoo Chae Young was diagnosed with stomach cancer and underwent surgery last October when it was discovered the cancer had already spread to other organs.

Despite her surgery and strenuous cancert treatment, Yoo Chae Young did not give up broadcasting and worked as a radio DJ on “Good Weekend with Kim Kyung Sik and Yoo Chae Young” until July 17 of this year, when she could not continue any further. Her co-DJ Kim Kyung Sik took to his Twitter account to ask to people to keep her in their prayers. The general population has already voiced support for Yoo Chae Young on the internet.

Yoo Chae Young (born 1973) debuted in 1994 as a singer and member of the co-ed group Cool. She has since released solo albums, as well as appeared in various films and dramas, most recently in the 2013 drama “The Fugitive of Joseon.” She married to businessman Kim Joo Hwan in 2008.

Our prayers and thoughts are with Yoo Chae Young and her family.