Block B Releases Fast Paced 3rd Teaser for “H.E.R”

Idol group Block B released an energetic and fast paced music video teaser for their upcoming mini album, “H.E.R” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

Similar to the previously released teasers, the colorful video promises a goofy and fun music video in a way that only Block B can deliver. 

“H.E.R” is once again produced by Block B member Zico. In the tradition of Block B’s flamboyant, loud, comical, and unique style, the teasers for “H.E.R” have drawn laughs from fans. This newly released clip is no exception, showing the members falling over at the sight of a beautiful female.

Block B’s “H.E.R” music video is scheduled for release on July 23, as well as the entire mini album on July 24.