Ra.D Drops Video Teaser for “As Always” Ahead of Album Release

Singer and music producer Ra.D has uploaded a teaser video for forthcoming release, “As Always,” another track from the star’s upcoming third studio album, “Soundz.”

The album promises a mainly laid-back R&B feel, although a few ballad tracks will also be included, too. Earlier this month, the pre-release song “Fly Away” was unleashed as a precursor to the full 12-track studio album, Ra.D’s first LP since “RealCollabo,” which was released six years ago.

The teaser features a brief snippet of the song and a glance at a few scenes from the video, which appear to show the singer floating off his chair and into the air at one point. 

Earlier this month, Ra.D, uploaded an audio preview of the full “Soundz” album featuring a selection of still photos and a brief description of each song. English subtitles are also available.

The album drops on July 24.