MBC’s “Sunday Night” Receives 10 Minute Extension, Tops Viewer Ratings for Sunday Variety Shows

MBC’s “Sunday Night” has proven the appeal of its variety shows “Daddy Where Are We Going?” and “Real Men” by beating out KBS2TV’s “Happy Sunday.”

Thanks to the viewers’ immense love, MBC has decided to extend its “Sunday Night” with 10 minutes. On July 27, the show will start at 4PM instead of the previous 4:10PM.

The extension has been met with a mixed response, however, as the two variety shows will dominate the screen from 4PM to 7:55PM. While “Real Men” and “Daddy Where Are You Going?” are highly popular, the public is worried over their capability to maintain the viewers interest for nearly four hours. Although the commercials take up a large chunk of the air time, MBC has been criticized for biting off more than they can chew with the extension.

According to data from Nelson Korea, “Sunday Night” has recorded the highest ratings among the three main ‘Sunday shows’ for three weeks straight, leaving behind the previous favorite “Happy Sunday.”