“Roommate” Cast Member and MMA Fighter Song Ga Yeon Shows Off Her Amazing Abs

MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter Song Ga Yeon, who is also currently appearing on SBS’ variety program “Roommate,” unveiled a photo of herself from her everyday life.

On July 23, Song Ga Yeon posted a brief message through her own personal Instagram account stating, “There’s not much time left,” attached with a photo of her extremely fit body.

In the revealed picture, the “Roommate” cast member can be seen taking a selca through a mirror, wearing a mint colored workout top and camouflage printed pants. It seems that the photo was taken shortly after a workout, as she appears to be in a locker room with her hair tied up in a tight ponytail.

However, the reason this picture is especially drawing the attention of a lot of people is due to the display of Song Ga Yeon’s amazing body and perfectly toned abs in particular. Many people are expressing their awe at how her body is in such good shape, despite her innocent appearance.

Meanwhile, Song Ga Yeon will be partaking in her first Road FC debut match with a Japanese MMA fighter on August 17.