Block B Gets Goofy and Playful in Music Video for “H.E.R”

Idol group Block B released the music video for their latest track “H.E.R” through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

“H.E.R” is once again produced by Block B member Zico. In the tradition of Block B’s flamboyant, loud, comical, and unique style, the teasers for “H.E.R” have drawn laughs from fans. This newly released clip is no exception, showing the members falling over at the sight of a beautiful female.

The music video plays with the saturated colored theme and the members do what they do best: act outrageously silly. The music video also has a short interview in the middle of it where Zico explains that this concept will be much cuter than their previous ones. 

Watch the music video and tell us what you think of their new concept in the comments below!