Model and Actress Son Soo Hyun Sheds Her Pure and Lovely Image for Esquire Magazine

Model and actress Son Soo Hyun who is known as Korea’s Yu Aoi (Japanese actress and model) took off her pure and lovely image and instead went for a sexy look in recent pictorial for Esquire.

The photographer who took Son Soon Hyun’s shots said, “I had heard that she was a bit mysterious but in contrary, she was very energetic and easy-going so she kind of became the leader in this whole thing.”

This year, Son Soo Hyun appeared in the movie “Mad Sad Bad” along with Ryu Seung Wan, Han Ji Seung, Kim Tae Yong, Park Ki Wook, Nam Gyu Ri, Kim Soo Ahn, and Park Mi Hyun. The movie made its world premiere on May 1, 2014 at the Jeonju International Festival and was open to the general public on May 15, 2014.

Son Soo Hyun for Esquire 2

Son Soo Hyun for Esquire 3

Son Soo Hyun for Esquire