6 Reasons Why We Adore Joo Won

Joo Won is nominated for a Seoul International Drama Awards in the Outstanding Korean Drama Prize-Actor category so let’s take a look at why so many fans love this young actor.

His Smile


Yes this had to come first, Joo Won has an infectious smile that just melts you.

He’s Really Funny

He Got His Start in Musicals

We know the man can act, but did you know he debuted as a musical actor first? His musical resume includes “Alter Boyz,” “Grease,” “Singles,” and his most recent, “Ghost the Musical.”

Seriously, His Acting

Warning: video is a spoiler for “Bridal Mask.”

To tag onto the last one, Joo Won is an amazing actor who can virtually play any role given to him. He gained recognition with his roles in “Baker King, Kim Takgu” and “Ojakgyo Brothers,” but he rose to greater fame when he played Lee Kang To in “Bridal Mask.” Then his latest drama,” Good Doctor,” broke 20% ratings and really cemented his versatility when he played a man with Autism with savant skills who becomes a pediatric surgeon. This role earned him four awards at the KBS Drama Awards in 2013.

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His Amazing Chemistry with His Costars

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From Uee to Moon Chae Won, Joo Won has proved he can alongside any actress and make you ship them.

Last, But Not Least, He Can Sing

Because of his musical background, Joo Won has amazing vocals that may surprise newer fans. 

Although we’ve listed only six, there are many reason more why Joo Won is adored. What are some of yours?

Vote for “Joo Won” here if you think he deserves the award for Best Actor (Outstanding Korean Drama Category) at the Seoul International Drama Awards.

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