Singer Han Young and Athlete Lee Dae Hyung Announce Their Relationship

Singer and entertainer Han Young and pro baseball player Lee Dae Hyung have announced their relationship.

According to a spokesperson for both parties, Han Young and the five years younger Lee Dae Hyung met in October 2013. They have been dating seriously since that time, a fact which was known to Lee Dae Hyung’s teammates and friends. The spokesperson stated that the fact of their relationship was an open secret in the baseball world.

Han Young debuted with trot group LPG in 2005 and released her first solo album in 2008. She is currently involved in modeling, broadcasting, and preparing for the release of a new album. Lee Dae Hyung joined the KIA Tigers as an outfielder with a 2,400,000,000 won (roughly USD $2.4 million) contract. He has many female fans due not only to his swiftness on the field but also his handsome face.