Jay Park to Release New Single “Na Na”

Jay Park will be cooling the hot summer nights as he releases his latest single, “Na Na” on July 25.

The song, “Na Na,” which conjures images of partying to cool off on hot summer nights, is an impressive song that has an addictive hook that is easy to follow. 

It is the product of a trusted collaboration between Jay Park and his best bud Cha Cha Malone who co-composed the track. The lyrics, on the other hand, are co-written by Jay Park and AOMG rapper LOCO.

The rapper LOCO not only helped Jay Park write the lyrics to the song but he also features in the track as well. 

As of press time, not much info about the song is available. However, fans are already excited to hear a new track from Jay Park who previously released the song, “Taekwondo” through his personal SoundCloud. 

Jay Park Na Na