JYJ: “Chris Brown Wrote a Song for Our New Album”

Boy band JYJ has announced that the group’s comeback release will feature a collaboration with heavyweight American RnB stars, including Chris Brown, who has contributed a song to the group’s new album, “Just Us.” 

The track’s name will be “Valentine,” and a spokesperson for JYJ explained that most of the work on the song was done in Los Angeles last year.

The group’s representatives also told the media that Lonny Bereal, a Grammy Award-nominated producer was drafted in to assist with the song’s production. The producer has worked with American RnB artists such as Keri Hilson, Tank and Keyshia Cole, and has also performed with the likes of Kelly Rowland.

Lonny Bereal was quoted as saying he was very pleased with the boys’ performance on “Valentine,” and explained, “We managed to produce something special. I am not sure if anyone other than JYJ could have sung it as well as that.”

“Just Us” will drop on July 29.