Solo Artist Heyne Makes Her Comeback with “Red Lie” MV

On July 24, solo singer Heyne released her third digital single “Red Lie,” along with a brand new music video.

Heyne, who came to be known as a “doll idol” during her promotions with “Love007” last December, has returned with a lovely yet quirky concept in the midst of this summer’s sexy girl group comebacks.
heyne“Red Lie” is a dance song that expresses the feelings of a girl who is moving on after getting betrayed by a love stained by lies. The combination of the upbeat piano melody mixed with Heyne’s distinctive, colorful vocals makes for a perfect summer song.

Continuing on from “Love007,” hit-making duo Duble Sidekick was also in charge of producing this newly released track as well. According to the singer’s agency, Crescendo Music, “Heyne, who has always shown a cute and lively image, has returned with more lovely charms for this promotion. You can look forward to Heyne’s own unique character among the wave of sexy girl groups.”

Heyne will begin actively promoting her new single “Red Lie” on music shows, starting on July 25 through KBS’ “Music Bank!”

Check out the music video below!