Jung Hyung Don Surprises BEAST's Dongwoon with a Kiss on

Aside from its ambitious project of inviting 100 idols to come to “Weekly Idol, the show has packed a lot of surprises for its 3rd anniversary special episode including MC Jung Hyung Don (Dony) giving BEAST’s Dongwoon a surprise kiss–on the lips! 

The members of BEAST all came to the studio to congratulate “Weekly Idol” on its 3rd year anniversary and the MCs Jung Hyung Don (Dony) and Defconn (Cony) gave them a warm welcome and congratulated BEAST as well for sweeping the music broadcast rankings with their comeback song, “Good Luck.” The group said that their success is “because of ‘Weekly Idol’ where they had their very first comeback activity.”

Jung Hyung Don asked, “Didn’t you promise that you’ll kiss if you get the first place?” BEAST leader Yoon Doojoon replied, “Yes, we made a pledge that Yong Jun Hyung and Son Dongwoon will kiss me.” Jung Hyung Don quickly remarked, “I’m also a B2UTY (BEAST fan),” and then demanded for a kiss as well.

After Jung Hyung Don, who has confessed he likes skinship a lot, persistently asked for a kiss, the members of BEAST then kissed him on the cheek and a surprising twist of events ensued. When BEAST’s youngest member Dongwoon was about to kiss Jung Hyung Don on the cheek, the playful MC turned to face Dongwoon and kissed him on the lips!

Dongwoon, who was so shocked at what happened, held his face in surprise. MC Defconn then remarked, “He’s (Jung Hyung Don) the first MC to steal your lips.”

Jung Hyung Don, Son Dongwoon

Check out BEAST’s appearance on “Weekly Idol” here! 

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