f(x) Members Take on Mature and Sophisticated Look for “The Celebrity”

Girl group f(x) recently described their newest track, “Red Light,” as “possessing many charms.”

f(x) member Victoria, Luna, and Amber participated in a photo shoot for lifestyle magazine “The Celebrity.” In a following interview, the members opened up about their thoughts on “Red Light.” 

Victoria stated, “Our song has a unique concept and lyrics, so even though it’s not an easy song, the more you listen to it, the more charming points you discover.” 

Luna added, “Personally, I really like the lyrics. It’s not a love song and I like that it reflects themes relevant to this day and age.” 

In the black and white photo revealed from the shoot, the three f(x) members take on a minimalist, all-white look for a mature and sophisticated image. 

In related news, f(x) is currently busy with promotional activities for “Red Light.”