On Joo Wan Reveals How He Would React If His Girlfriend Was Overweight

On Joo Wan recently revealed his honest thoughts on what he would do if his girlfriend was overweight. 

As a special guest DJ, On Joo Wan participated in the July 24th broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Sora’s Music Plaza.”

A radio listener asked On Joo Wan, “I went to my in-law’s house and had too much to eat, so I’ve become bloated. What do you think of plump women?”

At this, he replied, “Are you really plump? I think plump women are fine, but I think overweight women appear as though they don’t love themselves. If my girlfriend became overweight, I would try to work together with her on exercising more so that she can achieve that transformation.” 

He also added, “Being plump is also cute. It can be a source of aegyo. My mother is also a bit plump.” 

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