Yoonhoo Surprises and Delights Viewers with His Maturity

On July 24, the producers of MBC’s celebrity program “Dad! Where Are We Going?” released a picture of Yoonhoo tending to Sung Dong Il’s daughter Sung Bin as if he were her older brother.

According to the crew, while looking at new plants at an eco park Yoonhoo struck a protective and manly pose, looking after Sung Bin when she took a fall. He comforted her and then surprised everyone by personally wiping off her feet and picking her up.

Meanwhile, the special summer edition of “Dad! Where Are We Going?”, staring Lee Jong Hyuk and his son Lee Jun Soo, will air on July 27 at 4 PM KST. “Dad! Where Are We Going?” is a reality program about five veteran entertainers and their children.

Yoon Hoo 2