Royal Pirates' Moon Opens Up About Brother Who Passed Away

Royal Pirates member Moon opened up about a very painful part of his life in the July 23 episode of the SBS variety program, “Law of the City.”

In the July 23 broadcast of the variety show, the members of the New York team who are in Manhattan talked about their families.

After the day’s activities, all the members–John Park, Kim Sung Soo, Lee Chun Hee, Baek Jin Hee, Jung Kyung Ho, and Royal Pirates’ Moon–gathered and started sharing about their families. Kim Sung Soo began, “Who do you miss most?”

Moon opened up and said, “Actually, today is a special day for me.” He continued, “I had a brother who’s two years older than me. And today’s his death anniversary.”

All the members were quiet from the surprising revelation that they heard from the young singer and Baek Jin Hee had tears welling in her eyes.

Kim Sung Soo asked whether it was okay to ask about what happened, and Moon obliged. Clearing his throat, Moon started telling the members about the event that changed his life six years ago.

“Six years ago, we were going to the ice rink from the church. I, together with two other friends and my elder brother, got into a car accident. It was a really big accident, it even came up on the news in the US. It was there (that my brother passed away),” told Moon to the members.

The members were all shocked to hear about Moon’s story and everyone had apologetic expressions on their faces.

“It isn’t easy for me to talk about this but if I don’t think I can leave out talking about my hyung whenever I talk about myself,” Moon explained. Because the group has become somewhat like a family to him, Moon said that it helped for him to be comfortable and he was able to share his story and open up to them.

Kim Sung Soo, the eldest member of the group, said, “Although we cannot fill in the shoes of your brother, as time passes, we’ll become your brothers and sisters. I hope we’ll have that chance.”

However, during his solo interview with the PD, Moon revealed something more about the tragic accident. “My elder brother woke me up. After saying I’ll go with him, I ended up not going at all. So I just slept, and suddenly, I got a phonecall that there was an accident,” recounted Moon as tears fell down his eyes.

“I think this is the first time I’ve talked about this in six years. When hyung was here, I behaved immaturely so I’m very sorry. I’m lacking in many ways but hyung has helped me from the heavens… that’s why I’m making the music that I like now and I can live. I miss and love you, hyung,” added Moon. It was the first time he bared his sincere thoughts about his brother on television.

According to Royal Pirates’ agency, the song “YOU” is actually about Moon’s brother. “The song ‘YOU’ that Moon sang at the broadcast last week wherein they performed at a club was released in their first mini album. Moon wrote the lyrics to that song. At first, although the song seems like it is about love, it is actually a song that Moon dedicated to his brother who passed away in an accident,” added the agency.

Meanwhile, Royal Pirates has recently released their single album, “Betting Everything” on July 21.

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