[To:ur Imagination] Discover Korea’s Trendiest Spots with Thailand’s Top Actor Mario Maurer

We’ve previously announced that KTO (Korea Tourism Organization) is hosting two fun events for foreign fans: Event 1 (win a free trip to Korea or other prizes), Event 2 (simply share a video link to win an iPad mini or other prizes). Both events take minimal effort to participate, which you can see from our tutorial articles. Just click on the respective events for the easy 5 step process!

For this series, we will be covering the different attractions of Korea that’s a must for tourists as well as the latest hotspots enjoyed by the locals. Four foreign celebrities participated in the first event and wrote down what they’d like to do if given the chance to visit Korea for 3-4 days.

Thailand’s top actor Mario Maurer, who is also popular in other Asian countries like China, Taiwan, and the Philippines, shared that it’s hard for him to enjoy a vacation due to his hectic schedule. When asked what he’d like to experience on the To:ur Imagination tour, Mario wrote, “The center of Hallyu, the Korean Wave! I would love to experience and share with my fans all the trendy food, fashion, shopping and night life areas.”

Let’s flip through the gallery to see which of the popular spots he hit up during his short stay.

IMG_8021 1

Location: Paju – Heyri Art Village

A number of talented Korean artists (writers, painters, actors, architects, musicians) moved to the area, making it a cultural hub with their contributions.

Mario tours the art village and experiences the tasty restaurants, fun art galleries, and museums containing various pieces of artwork.

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Location: Goyang – Onemount Snowpark

Mario rarely experiences the snow since he lives in Thailand, known for its warmer climate. “I rode a sleigh and had a good time in the ice cave,” he said. “As it’s hot all year round in Thailand, I can’t see snow.”

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Location: Seoul – Park Hyatt Seoul & National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Mario enjoys the fine-dining experience and later heads to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. The museum recently opened in November of last year, located near the Gyeongbokgung Palace. Many of the installations are eye-catching and thought-provoking.

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Location: Seoul – Samcheongdong-gil Road & Hongdae

The road stretches from Gyeongbokgung Palace to Samcheong Tunnel. Go all the way to the end of the walkway to discover a park popular for its thick forest and scenic views – perfect for a romantic date!

Mario then heads to Hongdae (short for Hongik University in Korean), a popular spot amongst the college crowd for its underground culture, artistic freedom, and nightlife.

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Location: Seoul – Garosu-gil Road

Garosu-gil Road, one of today’s hottest spots, is a street in Sinsa-dong filled with cafes and shops. A variety of stores have popped up in the area as of late due to the booming popularity with tourists and locals alike.

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Mario wanted to experience the trendiest spots of Korea, and his wishes came true. Remember, your imagination can become reality as well. So, what are you waiting for?


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