B1A4 Wins on Music Bank, Comeback Stages by SISTAR, HyunA, Block B, and More

B1A4‘s “Solo Day” takes the win this week on Music Bank. They just barely managed to beat Girl’s Day‘s “Darling” today on the show.

This was a hot week for comebacks with new songs by SISTAR, HyunA, Block B, BESTie, Homme and Heyne. GOT7 had their goodbye stage for “A” while BEAST had a special stage for “Sad Movie.” Phon and Play The Siren had their debut stages. 

SISTAR – “Naughty Hands”, “OK Go!” & “Touch My Body”

HyunA – “Blacklist” & “Red”

Block B – “Her”

BESTie – “Hot Baby”

Heyne – “Red Lie”

Homme – “It Girl”

B1A4 – “Solo Day”

BEAST – “Sad Movie”

Infinite – “Back”

Girl’s Day – “Darling”

GOT7 -” A”

Henry – “Fantastic”

MAMAMOO – “Mr. Ambiguous”

Cross Gene – “Amazing Bad Lady”

Play The Sire – “Dream Drive”

Phon – “I’ll Be Your Spring”

B.I.G – “Hello”

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