Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu to be Released from Military 10 Days Later Than Leeteuk Due to Confinement

Hip-hop duo Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu will be released from the military at the beginning of next month after completing his mandatory service.

Following the earlier announcement of Super Junior Leeteuk’s desire to be discharged from the military on July 29 without a special ceremony, it has also been reported that Sangchu plans to do the same.

On July 25, a representative for Sangchu told MyDaily, “Sangchu will be discharged on August 8. He plans to make a quiet return without a ceremony.”

Sangchu enlisted in the military on October 30, 2012, the same day of Leeteuk’s enlistment. After five weeks of receiving basic military training, he finished up 21 months of active duty. He was originally scheduled to be discharged on July 29, along with the Super Junior member. However, Sangchu will be returning 10 days later, on August 8, due to a 10-day military confinement as a result of the controversy that became a hot topic in June of 2013, surrounding the accusations that he had received special treatment as a ‘celebrity soldier.’