Yoo Ah In Gets a Minor Injury While Filming “Sado”

Yoo Ah In was injured on the set of the upcoming film “Sado” but luckily, the actor only sustained “minor, common injuries” and continued with filming as planned.

“He (Yoo Ah In) got a light scratch on his head while filming in the set on July 24,” confirmed a representative from UAA in an interview with Dispatch. “It’s not a severe injury. The most he got was a little bruise,” added the representative.

The injury that Yoo Ah In sustained, according to the representative, wasn’t a serious one that needed to be brought to the hospital’s emergency room. “We only headed to the hospital to ensure the part that was hurt (in case it was worse than it looks). After disinfecting the part that was bruised, they applied medication,” the representative further explained.

Yoo Ah In was filming the scene where Crown Prince Sado (Yoo Ah In) and King Yeong Jo (Song Kang Ho)met face to face when he got injured. According to the representative, the injury happened when Yoo Ah In was immersed in the scene. He wasn’t able to look around the surroundings when he hit his head on a rock.

After receiving treatment for his minor injury, Yoo Ah In went back to the set and proceeded with filming.

Upcoming film “Sado” tells the historical story of Crown Prince Sado who was killed in an enclosed wooden barrel sealed by his own father, King Yeong Jo (Song Kang Ho). Filming started on July 8 and the movie is set to be released next year.