Jung Yong Hwa: Fall for Him If You Dare

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Jung Yong Hwa, he of CNBLUE fame and the K-Dramas “Marry Him If You Dare (a.k.a. “Future’s Choice“), “Heartstrings,” and “You’re Beautiful,” is up for a Seoul International Drama Award in the category of Outstanding Korean Drama Prize – Actor. While we may never know whether Mi-rae dared to marry him, let’s jump into the reasons to fall for Jung Yong Hwa… if you dare.


1) His Mane of Glory is…Glorious

He’s letting that historical mane flow in his first sageuk, “The Three Musketeers“… and bringing the hero intensity.


2) He Promotes Korean Culture

That is one lucky paprika (pepper?) snuggling next to Yonghwa’s coif. K-Pop idols may be spreading Korean culture across the globe through music, but Jung Yong Hwa, along with his CNBLUE bandmates, did this unbelievable commercial for the Korean Agro-Fisheries Food and Trade Corp to spread the word about Korean food. Cultural knowledge FTW. 


3) He Beat Second Lead Syndrome Like A Boss

Like two lovers fated to meet in a different life, so were the K-Drama characters of Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. Thanks to his leading man-style mix of kindness, reservedness, and charisma, he won the right to his fictional happy ending and real-life leading man roles. 


4) He Sports Blinged-out Ear-wear.

No matter if he’s in a K-Drama, a variety show, or an MV, he’s always rocking studs bigger than most wedding rings. Stylish, yet masculine. A tip of the hat to you, sir.

5) He Can Sing His Soul Out.

He might be up for an acting award here, but there’s no doubt that he can show his musical talent whether he’s on stage or in a bathhouse. From CNBLUE’s debut, they have been killing it on the charts with #1 hits from “I’m A Loner” to the all-kill “Intuition.” It seems like fans just can’t stop the CNBLUE love. 


6) He Leveled Up His Acting Skills

When he came out in “You’re Beautiful” he had all the ladies suffering from second-lead syndrome, but with “Heartstrings” and finally “Marry Him If You Dare,” he showed us that he not only has vocal range, but all kinds of emotional range and depth.

If you fell for Jung Yong Hwa, you can vote for him here as your Outstanding Korean Drama Prize – Actor choice! 

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