SISTAR Reveals More Unreleased “Touch My Body” B-Cut Photos

SISTAR has unveiled a few more additional B-cut album jacket photos for “Touch My Body” that were not published in their latest album.

On July 26, a rep from SISTAR’s agency revealed four new jacket photos that were previously unreleased to the public. The members can be seen striking various poses with athletic male models, who appear to have very fit bodies and are dressed in rugby gear. Although this pictorial had a refreshing concept, it was unfortunately not included in the official album.

The group has been continuing to sweep the music charts with their comeback album, even six days after its release. The title track “Touch My Body” has maintained its position at number one on nine different music charts. San E and Raina’s “A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness,” Block B’s “H.E.R,” and Jay Park’s “Na Na,” have all been battling it out for first place as well. However, SISTAR has managed to take back the top spot every time, proving to be a ‘long-run’ song.
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