Taewan Releases Teaser Video for “Good Morning” featuring Verbal Jint

R&B singer Taewan released a new teaser video for his upcoming single, “Good Morning,” featuring rapper Verbal Jint

He also released a mini album preview video for his album “As I Am” which offers sneak peeks of all the tracks on his upcoming mini album. 

Taewan, also known as C-Luv, is a R&B singer and producer, who has worked with various hip-hop artists and singers. He has also worked with Rain and MBLAQ, producing Rain’s hit song “Rainism“. 

Recently, he moved agencies to Brand New Music, an independent hip-hop label which also houses some of the biggest names in hip-hop at the moment like Swings and San E.

Taewan’s mini album “As I Am” will be released on July 30. 

Check out the music video teaser and the album preview below!