Actor Yeo Jin Goo Doesn’t Own a Cellphone, Uses Home Phone Instead

Actor Yeo Jin Goo recently revealed that he does not own a personal cellphone.

On the July 27 broadcast of MBC’s entertainment news program “Section TV,” Yeo Jin Goo took part in an interview and shared that he does not have a cellphone, stating, “I have the kind of personality where once I fall into things like that one time, I wouldn’t be able to let go of it, so I think it’s better for me to just not have one at all.”

After hearing this, the interviewer asked how he communicates with his friends without owning a personal phone, to which the actor nonchalantly replied, “I have my home phone [for that].”

During the same interview, Yeo Jin Goo also discussed his thoughts on his middle school graduation photo that had become a hot topic in the past. He explained, “It’s unfair. I was unprepared and my other friends were so stiff that I tried to take the picture comfortably, but I came out looking very ‘greasy.’ I also took another picture after, but when I looked at the graduation album, this picture was there instead.”

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