Gary Makes Heart-Racing Confession to Song Ji Hyo on

Gary admitted to Song Ji Hyo that something came over him that last time they kissed.

On the July 27 broadcast of the hit SBS variety show “Running Man,” the whole gang together with guests Joo Won and Hong Suk Chun had a DIY (Do It Yourself) cook-off.

In this episode, the members went to Samcheong-dong and went on with their mission after having a taste of the different countries’ local delicacies. The members who ate food from South America had to get their heart rates up to over 160 beats per minute.

The Monday couple of Song Ji Hyo and Gary then held hands and had a talk that would make their hearts race. Gary went straight to the point and asked Song Ji Hyo, “Was there a time that you liked me at least for a moment?” Song Ji Hyo replied, “There was a time when I thought you were cool. Then, oppa, was there a time that you looked at me as a woman?”

Gary then confirmed, “There was a time that you looked like a woman to me.” Song Ji Hyo followed, “If at that time I confessed to oppa (Gary), would you have received it (my confession)?” Gary got confused for a second but he got back to his senses and replied, “I think we would have met like the wind.”

Song Ji Hyo followed, “At that time when BIGBANG came to the show, weren’t you really going to kiss me?” and brought up the kiss incident between the two (read more about it here). Gary had to tell her the truth and said, “I really wanted to (kiss you) since morning that day. That was a day that I wanted to kiss you when I opened my eyes. The (perfect) timing has come. It’s not something that I did, it was my heart that did.”

Since their heart rates haven’t reached 160 bpm yet, they thought of making their hearts race even faster by coming closer and putting their heads closer to each other’s as if they were going to kiss, adding to the thrill.

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