Nam Goong Min and Hong Jong Hyun Compete to See Who Is Stronger on “We Got Married”

Couples Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young and Hong Jong Hyun and Yura squared off against each other MBC’s season 4 of “We Got Married” in a fiery competition. On the July 26, 4:55 PM broadcast of the show, the four celebrities purchased furniture for their marital dwellings and then the men engaged in an intense bout of “thigh wrestling.” MC Hwang Je Seung spurred on the two husbands to win by saying “strong thighs are a man’s pride!” while their wives looked on anxiously. Check out who wins below:

During the same episode, Nam Goong Min and Hong Jin Young visited an herbal medicine shop to buy some natural remedies. Because Nam Goon Min has had trouble sleeping well, the herbalist recommended deer antler and ginseng among other treatments which are good for male stamina. His wife fed them to him in a humorous moment.