Get to Know Play the Siren’s Members

New co-ed group Play the Siren has released new photos and information about its members on the group’s official Facebook page. In each picture, the five members are pictured striking individual poses full of attitude against a black, grey, and fluorescent green background bearing the individual’s name.

All five members of Play the Siren are well-rounded. Out of the two female rappers, Chi Chi not only raps but also writes lyrics and dances. The younger Casper looks cute and innocent, but is charismatic and mature while performing. She speaks five languages (Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese) and was accepted to study at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Male member Siren is the leader and producer, and serves to give the group direction and energy. BeckBum looks “sort of scary,” but is very kind hearted and polite in person. His old-school rapping style contrasts strongly with his new style fashion. Squalla performs the function of a big brother for the group, taking care of the other members. According to the information posted, he is sweet and caring but can also be a little clumsy sometimes.

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