New SM Girl Group Red Velvet Releases Group Teaser

Following up on their release of individual teaser images for new girl group Red Velvet, SM Entertainment has come out with a group teaser. This is ahead of the group’s official debut on August 4, when the group’s digital single “Happiness” hits online music stores.

Red Velvet is SM’s first new group since the wildly popular EXO, which debuted roughly two years ago. The group consist of members Seulgi, Irene, Wendy, and Joy, previously a part of SM’s pre-debut team SMRookies.

The name Red Velvet symbolizes the combination of sexiness and power (red) and a feminine softness (velvet). 

The group’s official website: Red Velvet – SMTown

Check out the previously released teasers here: SM’s New Girl Group Red Velvet Releases “Happiness” MV Teaser + Member Images

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