Crayon Pop Set to Release Comic Book

Girl group Crayon Pop is set to release a comic book, according Chrome Entertainment, the talent agency that represents the act. The book, which is supposedly based on the true-life adventures of the five-piece group, will be called “Advance, Crayon Pop!

Crayon Pop comic

An image of the front cover artwork has been released, and shows the girls standing against a fiery background, wearing the red-and-white outfits made famous during the promotion of the group’s signature track, “Bar Bar Bar.” Member Way features most prominently in the image, and is flanked on her left by twin sister ChoA.

A spokesperson for Chrome Entertainment said, “This book is nonfiction, and is intended for a wide range of readers. Children and adults could enjoy it. It tells the girls’ story – from the times they spent cold days performing in the streets to their chart-topping success.”

The book has been written and illustrated by artist Lee Jae Seok, and will be available through online suppliers in Korea from July 31.