LC9 Uploads J-Hyo Teaser Video Ahead of Comeback

Boy band LC9 has uploaded a third teaser video as the clock ticks down to the release of new material at noon on July 29. It is still not clear whether the release will come in the form of an album or a single, but what does seem sure is that its title will be “The Half Time.”

In the last few days, a seven-second-long excerpt of the song has been uploaded as a video teaser, and a teaser featuring member King has also been posted to the group’s official YouTube account.

The latest teaser features J-Hyo, who, like King in the previous teaser, sings a very short section of the song into a microphone. If Naga Network, the boys’ talent agency, follows through with more individual teasers, fans could well be in store for yet more videos to drop during the course of July 28 and the morning of July 29. 

The group made their debut with the mini album “Skirmish” in May last year, which included the track, “MaMa Beat,” featuring Gain of Brown Eyed Girls.