Sunny Hill Hints at a Possible Comeback

Girl group Sunny Hill may be coming back soon!

Member Jubi posted an ominous picture to her Twitter account on July 27 that read, “an unforgettable dreamlike story of summer,” written in her handwriting. This image was then retweeted by the official Sunny Hill Twitter, which added, “Hillers (Sunny Hill’s official fan club name), Sunny Hill unnis will be returning soon.” 

If they do indeed comeback this summer, it would be Sunny Hill’s official comeback in over a year, after they released their mini album “Young Folk” in June of last year. They released a digital single called “Don’t Say Anything” in January of this year, but did not promote the song. 

Earlier this year, Sunny Hill turned into a four-member girl group after their producer and male member Janghyun left to pursue his career as a producer. 

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