Hyosung Shares Photos from the Set of Secret’s New Music Video

Secret’s Jun Hyosung has uploaded several images from the set of her group’s comeback music video.

On July 28, the singer released six photos and a short video on her personal Instagram account, hashtagged “Secret,” “iminlove,” “20140811,” and “Junhyoseong.” 20140811 refers to the date on which the girl group’s fifth mini album “Secret Summer” will be released. The title track and promotional single “I’m in Love” was written by Duble Sidekick and the music video will be directed by Zanybros’ Hong Won Ki.

In the photos, Hyosung wears a summery white dress in the style of the clothing shown in TS Entertainment’s official teaser image. In some photos she smiles playfully at the camera and in others she stares out at the ocean. In many of them, she is accompanied by some friends–a few goldfish in a clear plastic container.

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