Park Shi Hoo Sings for the OST of His Comeback Movie “Scent”

Actor Park Shi Hoo will be making a memorable return to the acting scene by lending his voice for the OST of the movie.

According to Chinese media sources, the actor will sing the Korean version of the theme song for “Scent,” and thus participating in the OST. The Korean version is titled “The Sound of You Coming.”

The soundtrack is receiving attention for the work of producer Kim Hyung Suk, who is known for composing the theme song of “My Sassy Girl.” This time around, the talent has produced a song that crosses cultural borders with its emotional melody. The producer commented, “Park Shi Hoo’s warm and honest voice fits the song perfectly,” and praised the actor’s singing.

A music video will be produced for the theme song, and it will be published also in Korea. 

“Scent” premieres on August 15 in China.