Clazziquai Project Releases Teaser MV For “Madly”

Quirky electropop trio Clazziquai Project (DJ Clazzi, Horan and Alex) has released a teaser clip of the music video for their new song “Madly.” The full video will drop on August 1 and is one in a series of releases in the official countdown to the group’s tenth anniversary project album, which is expected to be completed by the end of August.

The video appears to be something of a sequel toLove Satellite from the same upcoming album. The plot of “Love Satellite” followed a pig-like alien named “Marvin” who professed to hate humans, but after observing a beautiful girl from afar, he began to fall in love with her. Sadly the story did not end well as the girl was very frightened of Marvin’s animal nose… or is she? Is there a happy ending for Marvin after all? The teaser video for “Madly” hints at the possibility that love might overcome appearances after all.

Pigs have figured prominently in Clazziquai Project’s imagery since their 2004 debut album, which was titled “Instant Pig.”