Girl's Day Yura Confesses to Feeling like She and Hong Jong Hyun Are Actually Dating

Yura of Girl’s Day has opened up about her life as a married woman on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

The idol was a guest on the July 27 broadcast of SBS PowerFM’s “K.Will’s Young Street” along with fellow member Sojin and singer Eddy Kim.

As Yura and her on-screen husband Hong Jong Hyun have quickly become a hot topic, K.Will opened up the discussion by asking her, “Do you like being married?” 

“I really do,” Yura said, and continued to talk about the differences between her life before and after the show, “I graduated a mixed school. Girls’ middle and high school graduates have different personalities compared to those from mixed schools. It is inevitable. I have attended only mixed schools, but as I only live with the members, I have become like a student of a girls-only school. I don’t care for my looks as much.”

“I attended girls’ middle school for only one semester, but the atmosphere was shocking. It is completely different from a mixed school. I went to school with a ribbon accessory on, and my friends asked ‘Why did you put that ribbon on?’ Also going to the cafeteria was a surprising thing for me. At a mixed school, you naturally take the presence of boys into consideration. Over the past four years since my debut, I have been living only with the members, and I feel like attending a girls-only school,” she talked about her experiences.

When asked if she ever hoped to be in Yura’s shoes and appear on the show herself, Sojin replied, “At first, I said, ‘I am not envious. I hope Yura will do well.’ But after seeing the broadcast, I realized it is like actually dating each other. How can I not feel envious?”  

K.Will continued by wondering, “It might be a bit uncomfortable as a current-day idol [to appear on such show],” but Yura explained, “It is dating. The title says marriage, but it actually feels like dating.”

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