Shin Sung Rok Participates in “Trot Lovers” OST

KBS2’s popular Monday-Tuesday drama “Trot Lovers” has just released it’s OST Part 5, “Boiling.”

Public interest in the release is high due to the participation of music director and hit maker Kang Dong Yoon (“Ant”) and musical actor Shin Sung Rok. Kang Dong Yoon wrote the lyrics and composed the tracks, and Shin Sung Rok (who plays the role of Jo Geun Woo in “Trot Lovers) participated vocally.

The darling of the musical world, Shin Sung Rok is not only an actor but is able to sing as well. His sincere voice on the soundtrack is expected to win many female hearts. He is expected to release a solo project in the near future.

The smooth rhythm and clean acoustic sound of “Boiling” is perfectly suited to Shin Sung Rok’s princely character, who is able to express his heart in front of the lead heroine of the drama without reservation. The lyrics wittily allude to a man’s passionate and frank heart.