SG Wannabe Meets With Producer Jo Young Soo, Possible Comeback in the Works?

Ballad group SG Wannabe is discussing a reunion after a two year hiatus, and members Kim Yong Joon and Kim Jin Ho recently met with renowned producer Jo Young Soo. Jo Young Soo collaborated with the ballad group on their very first album, “Timeless,” and also wrote the group’s hit singles like “Craze” and “Untouchable.” Their other member, Lee Seok Hoon, was not present as he is currently serving his mandatory military service. 

Sports Joseon reported that the group actually asked the producer to work with them for the new album, while still other sources reported that while they did have a light meeting with producer Jo Young Soo, nothing has been confirmed or discussed as of yet.

Either way, however, as the agency situation for the group is up in the air and member Lee Seok Hoon is still away at the army, any comeback for the group would still be a ways away. 

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