VIXX’s Hyuk Becomes the Leader of Jung Hyung Don and Defcon’s Project Group

VIXX member Hyuk has become the leader of comedian Jung Hyung Don and rapper Defcon‘s latest undertaking.

On the show premiere of MBC Every1’s “Hyungdon & Daejoon’s Music Revelation,” the project group members Yook Sungjae from BTOBN and Hyuk from VIXX, and Jackson from GOT7 were given new names by the two producers.

To make the nature of the project a bit more entertaining, Jung Hyung Don and Defcon got to know the idols’ past and came up with fun names related to each member’s traits. Jackson, who is originally from Hong Kong, was named Wang (“King” in Korean) Kong, whereas Sungjae was named Yook Duk. As N’s actual name is Cha Hyun Yeon, he was named Cha Dol Baek Yi, and Hyuk was named Anonymous.

After the naming session, the members chose their leader by a playing traditional Korean game, also known as the “ghost leg” game. The winner came out to be Hyuk, the youngest of the group, and he was designated as the leader.