Yigyer of Ye.A Pulls off Sporty Skater Look for @star1

Yigyer of rookie girl group Ye.A recently appeared in a photo shoot for @star1, perfectly pulling off a skater girl look. 

She also posed on a basketball court holding a basketball, emphasizing her athleticism. 

Yigyer received a lot of attention when she debuted, as she is the daughter of the famous national team soccer player Hwang Sun Hong. Hwang Sun Hong is one of the most celebrated Korean football player of the past few decades. Although she is more well-known as “Hwang Sun Hong’s daughter,” she wants her father to be known as “Yigyer’s father” one day. 

Yigyer, whose stage name means “to win,” secretly auditioned to be an idol because she always had a passion for singing and dancing while studying abroad. She spent most of her middle school and high school years in Hawaii, and she is planning on attending New York University in the USA this fall to continue her studies. Despite being successful academically, she says that her biggest goal is to be a singer. 

The full photo shoot and interview with Yigyer can be found on @star1. 

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