Rookie Actress Ryu Hye Young Signs with C-JeS Entertainment

Rookie actress Ryu Hye Young has signed with talent management company C-JeS Entertainment, adding onto the agency’s impressive roster of top star actors.

On July 30, C-JeS Entertainment announced that Ryu Hye Young has signed a contract with them. They added, “Ryu Hye Young is a rising star who has acted in feature-length movies, short films, and theater productions since debut. We will be supporting her to see that she is able to film more varying roles in the future.” 

Ryu Hye Young debuted in 2007 with a short film called “A Female High School Student.” She then appeared in small but critically acclaimed movies like “Adolescent” and “Forrest.” 

In 2012, she received the Best Female Actor award at the Multicultural International Short Film Festival for her portrayal in the short film “Graduation Trip.

C-JeS Entertainment currently houses some of the top actors in the country, including Choi Min Sik, Seol Kyung Koo, Lee Jung Jae, JYJ, Lee Bum Soo, Park Sung Woong, Kang Hye Jung, and Song Ji Hyo.