JYPE Responds to HyunA and BTOB Hyunsik’s Homage to g.o.d

Recently, HyunA’s “From Where and Until When” featuring BEAST’s Yang Yoseob has been under scrutiny, after many noticed that its lyrics were similar to g.o.d’s 2004 track, “The Reason Why Opposites Attract.” BTOB’s Hyunsik, who wrote the song, explained that the copied lyrics were just homage to their industry seniors, congratulating them on their comeback.

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JYP Entertainment, home to Park Jin Young, who wrote and composed the original song for g.o.d, responded, “We’re thankful for the homage, but in the future, we’d like it if we were asked for permission beforehand.”

“From Where and Until When” is one of the songs from HyunA’s recently released solo album, “A Talk,” with the title track “Red.”