Actress Kim So Hyun Looks All Grown Up in Recent Pictures

Child actress Kim So Hyun recently revealed photos of herself that give off a sophisticated vibe and show off her mature charms.

On July 26, actress Kim So Hyun posted on her personal Instagram account, “The staff members took this picture for me on the day of my photo shoot~!!! Thank you~” along with two photos.

In the uploaded pictures, Kim So Hyun can be seen in a black pleated dress, wearing a darker makeup look than usual. She is drawing attention for her grown up appearance that makes it hard to believe she is actually a middle school student.

Meanwhile, the actress will be starring in an upcoming OCN drama titled “Reset,” to begin airing on August 10, in which she will be taking on two separate roles as actor Chun Jung Myung’s first love, Seung Hee, as well as a high school student named Eun Bi.